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Games about COLORS in
Busy Little Brains


  • Hot-air Balloon - Catch, move and color the floating balloons.
  • House - Color and rearrange the house and its landscaping.
  • Penguin - Color and move the penguin; find the hidden surprises!
  • Robot - Catch, move and color the robot and background. A new robot appears each time the game is chosen.
  • Tractor - Catch, move, and color the tractor.
  • Tree - Color and rearrange the scene - see if you can color the jumping children under the tree.
  • Baby - Bring each baby to the matching cradle.
  • Clown - Bring each clown to its spotlight - match the colors.
  • Duck - Bring the ducklings to their mothers, matching colors.
  • Fishing - Go fishing, but remember to put each fish in the same-colored bucket or it will swim away!
  • Crayons - Click on the crayons to draw. When you choose a colored crayon to draw, its name is spoken aloud. You can also see a step-by-step instant-replay of your drawing. In addition, change the background picture to finish pictures of dinosaurs, an astronaut, a ballerina, people, a face, a family, a teddy bear, a jack-o'-lantern, a Christmas tree, and many other backgrounds.

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