Busy Little Brains control panel
Huge Number of Games in
Busy Little Brains

Busy Little Brains contains a LOT of games! Each of the 41 images on the main screen leads to wonderful games when clicked on. These include: GAMES WITHIN GAMES Most of the games are multiple games. For example:
  • The Dinosaur Game is a counting game (find and hatch all 20 dinosaurs) and a design game (you can create your own prehistoric scene arranging animated animals and plants, and choosing backgrounds), and it also teaches the names of some prehistoric creatures.
  • The Blocks Game is a design and construction activity, a typing/spelling activity, and a number-familiarity activity.
  • Make a Funny Face allows you to create animated faces by choosing the face's shape and color, facial features, and accessories. It also makes the child think about how a face is constructed and about the symmetry inherent in recognizable faces.
  • The Dollhouse Designer activity lets the child decorate a house by choosing the house, the furniture, the accessories, and the inhabitants. When an object is chosen, its name is spoken, teaching some common words. Also, the child is encouraged to think about the stucture and function of common objects; what objects go where in a house, and why?
  • The Make a Bug Game lets the child create a squirming, wiggling bug. It encourages the child to give some thought to symmetry, together with the structure and function of legs, wings, eyes, mouth, etc. A lopsided bug will appear incorrect to the child, and correcting the problem will bring home the lesson of bodily symmetry. If the child wants a flying bug, wings must be chosen and placed symmetrically; the child can also decide, for example, whether to include legs or not, and why.
  • In the Draw with Crayons Game, the child can do freehand drawings, learning the basic colors (which are spoken each time a color is chosen). Special features include: watching the drawing re-appear in a slow-motion instant replay; undoing parts of the drawing, one at a time; and drawing on templates, coloring on backgrounds containing dinosaurs, people, a family, a ballerina, an astronaut, a landscape, and many other scenes.
  • Etc.! (See the individual game descriptions for more.)

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