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A picture of the Doghouse Matching-game screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS.

These are three of the 41 activities your child can play in Busy Little Brains.

There are 3 memory games, using flowerpots, dogs, and flashlights. You can see two items at a time by clicking on them. You need to find all the matching pairs of items. Each time you play one of the games, the positions of the objects are shuffled.

First click on any item and then on another. If the items match, they'll stay on the screen. Keep on trying pairs until you've matched them all.

This game is an exercise in memory, concentration, and classification. It is also a lesson in planning, since the child will eventually discover that choosing the objects in any coherent order simplifies the memorizing process. The game encourages basic classification, as the child must categorize the items by color, type, size, or pattern in order to find its twin.

A picture of the Flashlight matching-game screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS. A picture of the Flowerpot matching-game screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS.

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