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Terms for the Map of Argentina
Read the definitions below, then label the map of Argentina.
Label South America
Argentina's Flag

Andes Mountains - a long mountain range that runs along the west of South America.
Argentina - a large country in southern South America, bordered by Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil.
Buenos Aires - The capital city of Argentina, located on the Río de la Plata.
Mendoza - a city in western Argentina, located west of Buenos Aires and south of Miguel de Tucumán.
San Miguel de Tucumán - a large city in northwestern Argentina, located northwest of Buenos Aires and north of Mendoza.
Tierra del Fuego - The eastern part of an island (part of an archipelago) located in far-southern Argentina (the western part of the island belongs to Chile).

Bodies of Water:

Atlantic Ocean - The ocean that borders Argentina to the east.
Paraná River - A long river that flows roughly south, from Paraguay and Brazil to Buenos Aires.
Pacific Ocean - The ocean to the west of South America.
Rio de la Plata - A huge estuary on the Atlantic coast between Argentina and Uruguay; the Paraná River and Uruguay River (not pictured) flow into it.
Strait of Magellan - A thin waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; it is located in southern South America, running through far-southern Chile.

Bordering and Nearby Countries, Places, Islands:

Bolivia - An inland country of South America, located north of Argentina, west of Paraguay and Brazil, and northeast of Chile.
Brazil - A large country northeast of Argentina; Brazil is north of Uruguay and east of Paraguay.
Cape Horn - The southernmost point of land in South America (located in southern Chile).
Chile - A long, thin country on the western coast of South America, west of Argentina.
Falkland Islands - Islands off the southeastern coast of Argentina; they are part of the United Kingdom.
Paraguay - An inland country of South America, located north of Argentina, west of Brazil, and southeast of Bolivia.
Uruguay - A country that borders Argentina on the east; it is located on the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and Argentina.

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