Busy Little Brains control panel
Alphabet Games in
Busy Little Brains
  • Balloons - Click on the balloons to go to a balloon-popping letter-recognition game. Then listen for the right letter to click on and pop the balloon. You get a gold star for each correct answer. See if you know all 26 letters!
  • Blocks - Click on the blocks to get to an activity that lets you drag letter and number blocks around, use your keyboard as a blocks-typewriter, or build block structures. Type your name or build a bridge with your name on it! You can make your creations fall down at any time and can also change the background.

  • Car and
  • Kite - Connect-the-Letters to see an animated picture.
  • Main Screen Typing - Type letters on the main game screen to see a letter and to hear names that start with that letter. Keep pressing to hear lots of names.

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