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Balloon-Popping Game

A picture of the Balloon-Popping game screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS.

This is one of the 41 activities your child can play in Busy Little Brains.

This is a letter-recognition game. Gabby says a letter, and you try to pop the balloon with that letter on it.

You can pop a balloon by clicking on the balloon or by typing a letter. Whenever you pop a balloon, you will see a picture of something that starts with that letter. If it is the correct balloon, you also get a gold star. See if you can get all 26 letters right, as you listen to Mozart playing in the background.

This activity is wonderful for learning to associate the spoken letters with the written letters. In the process, children learn the letters and also the numbers, as they keep score of their progress. In addition, it can be useful for teaching typing and using the mouse.

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