Busy Little Brains control panel
Busy Little Brains

  • Blocks - Click on the blocks to get to an activity that lets you drag letter and number blocks around; use your keyboard as a blocks-typewriter, or simply build block structures. You can make your creations fall down at any time, and you can also change the background.
  • Bug - Design a wiggling, flapping, squirming bug!
  • Cat - Dress a cat for almost any occasion.
  • Dollhouse - Click on the background of Gabby's playroom to get a dollhouse to decorate.
  • Face - Make very silly faces; choose a face and its features.
  • Farm - Click on the barn to design an animated farm: move animals, plants, etc., and change the background scene.
  • Rocket - Design an outer-space scene. Choose and move planets, space ships, astronauts, etc.; even change the backgrounds.
  • Snowman - Design your own snowman or snowwoman, and make it a day-time or a night-time scene.

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