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Design a Farm

A picture of the Farm-Design screen in BUSY LITTLE BRAINS.

This is one of the 41 activities your child can play in Busy Little Brains.

This is a farm-design game. You can use the mouse to drag the animals, plants, and farm implements around the screen. As you move them, they are automatically layered so that objects in the background appear to be behind the ones in front.

The game includes a barn that opens and shuts, tractors, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, cats, chickens and roosters, rabbits, a bee hive, a girl and a boy, trees, flowers, bushes, and fences. You can choose from 5 different background scenes.

Each time an animal, plant, or farm item is selected, its name is spoken, and, if appropriate, its sound is also played. This reinforces knowledge of animal names, plant names, and other farm-related words.

In addition, this activity allows the child to design a farm scene actively and creatively, encouraging thinking about the relationships between items (e.g., what animals might you want to surround with fences, which animals can go in a pond, can crops be planted in rows).

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