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The Styracosaurus became hungry. It ate a few plants. Mmm, good. A Velociraptor cautiosly crept out of it's hiding place. She was so hungry that she took the chance to gnaw on the Styracosaurus's leg.
A baby Suchomimus saw this chance. He ran at the raptor, snatching her up in his jaws, before the ceratopsian gored her. The Velociraptor was not going to let the spinosaur eat her. She clawed viciously at the dinosaur's lip. The Suchomimus let go, yowling of pain. The raptor was not finished. The Suchomimus seemed both amused and in pain, looking down at the competitor. He began to size her up. Remember I said that you should never become intimidated. The raptor was.
She leapt at the baby's neck. The Suchomimus fell back, and with a few more slashes, was dead.

Moral: Tiny dinosaurs don't necessarily mean they are stupid or weak.
from Gianna, age 11 1/2, ?, ?, ?; September 7, 2002

Short DinoStory

The T.rex threw back his head and uttered a loud roar. he sunk to the ground, dead, and gored. The Tankoceratops he was fighting left triumphantly. A swarm of raptors surrounded the body. An Annosaurus soon joined them. The dilophosaur chased a few raptors off, but they cautiously came back. The Annosaurus got annoyed and roared an earsplitting roar. The raptors ran away, shrieking. While the Annosaurus was eating, a Janzosiraptor pack surrounded it and began tearing at it. The Annosaurus died quickly.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 26, 2002


The Corythosaurus sunk her hands into the deep, cool water. She waded all the way in, and began to swim. It was the dry season, and the hadrosaur needed to cool off into one of the ponds that had not dried yet. Besides, the Corythosaurus had four babies to look after. They were playing along the shore.
The mother swam deep underwater. She came back up and checked her children. Safe. She dunked underwater again. This time, the female dunked under and stayed under for thirty seconds.

She came back up to hear a loud shriek. She turneed around and saw a Velocirapter chasing her babies. The Corythosaurus was infuriated, and got out of the water to chase the raptor away.
A Dalensaurus jumped out and held out his claws to catch her. She ran away quickly, but a Tyrannosaurus met her and snapped her neck with his jaws. it was good for a Corythosaurus to die quickly. It was too fast for suffering. She was gone.
The Velociraptor was chewing on the dead hadrosaur baby. The Dalensaurus was angry. He wanted the Corythosaurus, and could have been able to catch her, but a T.rex jumped out and polished her off. He stomped off to the tyrannosaur and roared menacingly at him. The T.rex became angry and roared back. The spinosaur became intimidated, which is something you must never let yourself be. Our two males joined into a combat.

It was sad, because when nightfall came, it revealed a bloody sight. A half-eaten Corythosaurus was downriver, her three dead babies, each stabbed by a sickle claw, laying there. The Velociraptor had eaten one baby. Both the Tyrannosaurus and the Dalensaurus died. Really, the T.rex won. He snapped the neck, and while the Dalensaurus had one more ounce of life, snapped the T.rex's neck with his arms. Even the Velociraptor was dead. A Deinonychus, during the battle, fought it for food. That was an example of death because of food.


indimidation: to be taunted.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 14, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

Kiliraptor vs. Spinosaurus

Host: Are you ready, JP3?

JP3: Hey, c'mon, it can't be THAT hard. I wonder why they picked Kiliraptor for a name.

Host: What do you think? Kill ee raptor!

JP3: Oh, kill. I get it.

(raptors push huge raptor in, a robot but looks like a humongus Deinonychus/Utahraptor, is waist high to JP3.)

Host: What in God's name is THAT!

Veloci1: Kiliraptor, duh.

JP3: Pretty big for a raptor.

Deinonychus18: We weren't going to make it as small as a Compie!

Kiliraptor:Let's get started while I'm still young!

Host: It can talk?

Veloci6: Yes, it can. Go, Kiliraptor!

Kiliraptor: (jumps at JP3)

JP3: Oops! Sorry, hehe! (Kiliraptor flies into tree.)

Kiliraptor: DIE YOU....(crunches on JP3's arm)

JP3: Cursing! jaws around the robot's neck)

Kiliraptor: I'm a robot! You can't snap MY NECK!

JP3: How can I kill you then?

Kiliraptor: YOU CAN'T

Host: That is unfair! Stop the fight!

Kiliraptor: I was just fooling.


Host: T.rex! You're hurt!

T.rex: I'm not anymore. Times, me and the Spino need a plan.

Raptors: NO FAIR!

T.rex: Step on him, period. Let's both do it.

JP3: I've got a better plan.


Host: They're back!

Kiliraptor: Finally!

T.rex: You are a stupid raptor.

Kiliraptor: Escuse me?

JP3: (tinkers in the back of the robot)

Kiliraptor: Why does my back feel funny? (turns around)

T.rex: NO!(snaps jaws on robot)

Kiliraptor: UHGGH! Your jaws are stronger!

JP3: now, your neck can be snapped.

T.rex: GO, JP3!

JP3: Goodbye, Kiliraptor. (breaks neck with arms)

Kiliraptor: (sparks fly out and it falls to the ground)

JP3, T.rex: WE WIN WE WIN!

Host: They win.

Raptors: Aw, we'll be back! (slinks off)

from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; April 27, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

Mega vs. Pachy continued

TB: Stupid bird! Stupid bird!

Host: Oh, Fluff?

T.rex: Fluff?!?

TB: Fluff!

Mega: I have SO had it with you!

TB: I have SO had it with you!

Mega: Goodbye, birdie.

TB: Goodbye, bir-(eaten by Mega)

Mega: I hate eating birds. They give me heartburn!

TB bird pack: SQUAWK!!!!!!

Pachy: Bird attack! RUN!

from gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 15, 2002


(some of my new made up dinosaurs are in here..I'm not listing them as made-up so uou have to figureout which ones are made-up.)

CRACK. The sickening crunch of two Tankoceratops dueling was overwhelming. Two males wanted one female. Tankoceratops was a dinosaur that was a cerotopsian but walked like an Iguanodon. They had a Triceratops head, though. While the Tankoceratops were dueling a Salidon ran in between them, tripping one. The Salidon jumped on the dinosaur and began clawing at it. The Tankoceratops stood back up, the Salidon still clinging. The other male drove his horn through it and tried to get the dead, impaled raptor off of his horn. His bellowing stopped when he noticed every other plant-eater was silent, looking up. Something was wrong.
The Ceratopsian got the raptor off silently. He knew there was a predator somewhere. The other male was staring into the trees, which was the door to the forest. Our male stepped back nervously. He decided to get closer, which was an extremely stupid idea. He was close to the trees. He stood back a couple of steps and looked down, really for no apparent reason.

At that moment a Dalensaurus, a Tyrannosaur-sized spinosaur, flew out of the trees and bowled the Tankoceratops over. She(the Dalensaurus was female)whirled around and charged at our male. He was terrified and tried to run,but the Dalensaurus was faster. She gripped her jaws around the Tankoceratops. She started to rip his neck apart. The male felt no pain. He sunk to he ground. His vision got darker and darker, until there was nothing to see.
The Dalensaurus started eating the Tankoceratops.

the other male(that tripped)mated with the female.

(to be continued anyway..)
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; April 17, 2002

The raptors were overtaking her.

Tyla just had no chance. There were too many of them. she still tried to fight off as much as she could. Tyla killed a few and then collapsed and died. Her neck was split open. There was only about twenty rapotors left and 100 started out.

Period, raptors won. And Joe Bob, tell Razorclaw he could calm down now.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; April 21, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

T-rex vs. JP3 Spinosaurus

T-rex: What happened to the raptors?

Host: They disappeared. JP3 came in though.

T-rex: who is JP3?

JP3: My nickname. I am from Jurassic Park 3, so you better watch out.

T-rex: Why?

JP3: because, um, I'm bigger remember? The only Spinosaurus bigger?

Host: Let's just get started.

T-rex: I am your worst nightmare! (Bites JP3 hard on the sail)

JP3: That hurt, but this will hurt more! (tugs on T-rex's arms)

T-rex: no fair!

JP3: Fair enough! I get too much hate mail.

T-rex: I do too!

JP3: Right, sure! (swings arms on T-rex's neck)

Host: this is called the Break-Neck attack. Only done by carnivores with long arms, the carnivore breaks its prey's neck.

T-rex: Oh, well, thanks!

JP3: Goodbye, Mr. T!(breaks T-rex's neck)

T-rex: Oh, you didn't do it!


T-rex: No! You didn't turn my neck far enough! (gives a terrible bite to JP3's leg)

JP3: This time, it'll WORK!(swings his arms over and REALLy breaks T-rex's neck)

T-rex: ungg (falls, but not dead yet)

Host: Get him to a hospital! He's the only T-rex we have! (paramedics whisk T-rex off) you win, JP3.

JP3: Yay!

Host: This is wierd.

JP3: What?

Host: The Deinonychus and Velociraptor built a super raptor, Kiliraptor, and they're challenging you, JP3!

JP3: ME?

So, will the Spinosaurus conquer over Kiliraptor since T-rex is in the hospital?
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; March 25, 2002

Dinosaur Attack

Chapter One

Salidon(m.u.which means made up)was very thirsty. On the other hand, the stupid dinologists weren't around.

Ever since dinosaurs came back, they lived in tiny cages. The small ones did. The gig meat-eaters, like Tyrannosaurus, were in a huge sanctuary apart from the large plant-eaters, like Seismosaurus.
But Salidon and other raptors were in cages so small the couldn't run around. Salidon was getting sick of it. These raptors were bigger than Deinonychus and Janzosiraptor(m.u.)but not quite as big as Utahraptor.They were mostly a blackish color. The real only way to tell Salidon from it's closest relative Janzosiraptor was the size and the heads.
Janzosiraptor had kind of a short head with blazing orange eyes. Salidon had a narrow head and blazing yellow eyes. And they were bigger.

Salidon, our main character, was starting to pant, he was so thirsty. He roared and roared. Then Salidon had an idea. He looked at a Minimimus(m.u.) near him. It was a small plant-eater. He picked the Minimimus up and put it's narrow beak into the key hole and twisted it. The Minimimus squealed in pain, but then squealed in joy as the door flung open.
A Janzosiraptor was rattling the door nearby. Salidon opened it with keys he'd found outside. Soon, the raptors and other small meat-eaters like Compsognathus were running around snatching up the plant-eaters. Salidon caught a Gastomimus(m.u.). Gastomimus were taller than Minimimus. The tallest Mimus out of all of them was Nochismimus(m.u.), with the large plant- eaters. It was a foot taller than Gallimimus.

All of the dinosaurs charged out, killed all the people around, and unlocked the cages that the large dinosaurs were in. There was a dinosaur frenzy. Sauropods were ambling, squishing smaller dinos. Tyrannosaurus rex, starving, went to kill some plant-eaters. Salidon and his pack(the pack he was in before he was taken)and a pack of Janzosiraptor surrounded a Nochismimus, which tried to step over them. They were too big. The raptors won but didn't eat their feast in peace. Others came. Each one only got a scrap until they were oushed off by bigger meat-eaters. An Allosaurus appeared on the scene, and that was that. Both packs combined and made Jazosidon, the name of the largest raptor pack ever.

Then the Salidon and the Janzosiraptor ran off into the city, leading the other dinosaurs. Since Janzosidon didn't get to eat at their Nochismimus corpse, they were still hungry.

Hmm, how did people taste?

They're about to find out.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 20, 2002

Dinosaur Attack

Chapter two

Janzosidon escaped and started literally going crazy at the sight of so many food, in this case, peple. The raptors jumped and scratched and bit until most of the people in front of the sanctuary were dead. An Annosaurus(m.u.) escaped also. This dinosaur was a long, slender ceratosaur with two crests like Dilophosaurus. Annosaurus was closely related to Dilophosaurus.

Janzosidon was getting pretty full when the Annosaurus approached them. 20 feet long, this creature was not to fool around with, Salidon decided. He was the Leader, and he had to look out for Janzosidon.
Before he made his move, a young and pretty foolish Janzosiraptor approached the Annosaurus. The dilophosaur craned his long neck to look at his little opponent. The young raptor leaped at Annosaurus, only to be caught in midair and crushed in the ceratosaur's jaws. Salidon was angry and he cried threats as the Annosaurus as getting really annoyed. He walked slowly toward Janzosidon, and at that very same moment as Annosaurus was getting ready to battle with Salidon, a huge tyrannosaur, called Emelasaurus(m.u.)ran right over them, turned around, and growled. There was a confusion there. People started running all over the place at the sight of what looked like but really wasn't a T-rex. Janzosidon scattered to the right while Annosaurus ran to the left. There was a lot of smushed people in this, including the Annosaurus. That was good. But Janzosidon lost a quarter of it's pack to the Emalasaurus. They had gotten stepped on, of course.

Now what?
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 22, 2002

Mr. Morenz and Dr. Lisen were the most succesful dinosaur poachers ever. They'd kill a lot of dinosaurs. Today, they were after a Tyrannosaurus.

Dr. Losen slowly walked into the forest. Mr. Morenz nudged him and pointed to a juvenile Allosaurus, who was eating a fallen Camarasaurus. Dr. Lisen held up his tranquilizer and shot the dinosaur. The Allosaurus screamed loudly and sunk to the ground, sleeping. Mr. Morenz walked up to the huge dinosaur and wapped of it's head. They needn't have killed the poor carnivore. They did it for fun(Ugh, how awful!). The two poachers walked to the game trail. Large sauropods roamed across a ten mile long plain. All the huge plant eaters were slowly grazing. Suddenly, a male T-rex broke into the plain after an Anatotitan. Mr. Morenz and Dr. Lisen shot excited glances at each other. Dr. Losen was about to get his tranquilizer when he heard another scream.

It was coming from Mr. Morenz!

Dr. Lisen whirled around to see his partner being forced into the mouth of a Dilophosaurus. Dr. Losen dropped his tranquilizer. The Dilophosaurus dropped Mr. Morenz, who was whimpering, and sprinted over to Dr. Lisen. He reached down for his tranquilizer. But it was too late. He was being dragged by the Dilophosaurus. Set in front of Mr. Morenz, he watched horrified as his partner got his neck broken and lay there, dead. Horror-struck, Dr. Lisen tried to move but felt his back being ripped apart. He screamed. The Dilophosaurus held the poacher up. Then it drove it's claws into his throat. For Dr. Lisen, the world went black. The ceratosaur had a jolly feast.

Moral: Never go dinosaur hunting. Most likely you'll never go home again if you do.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 10, 2002

Daniel didn't know what was going on. All he had tried to do was see what the woods was like, and now he was lost. Great, he thought, especially when millions of dead bodies HAPPEN to turn up here.
It was very quiet. Birds were chirping, but not happily. More like solemnly, as if they knew someone would be killed. Daniel was spooked out by this. He tiptoed in the direction of what he thought was the way out.

Suddenly, the birds stopped chirping solemnly.

Dead silence.

Daniel froze,his eyes darting frightfully in every direction. Maybe a jaguar lived here, and it killed lots of people.
Daniel crept silently backwards. This is way too freaky, he thought.


Daniel saw a spot of light and absent-mindedly ran at it. A water hole. A huge water hole. What if alligators lived here? Daniel looked all over and stepped back.

A loud screech filled the air-and it seemed like it was right behind him!
Daniel slowly turned his head around. Yellow eyes were looking at him. A large mouth opened, revealing saw-like teeth.

A young Utahraptor was standing right behind him.

Daniel screamed and tried to run. Then, a searing pain surged through his right leg. Daniel tried to run forward, but found he couldn't. The raptor pulled him through to the middle of the woods, to the Utahraptor pack. The lead Utahraptor towered over Daniel, who was lying down. Everything seemed dizzy. The large raptor stuck out his toe claw and held it right over Daniel's stomach. Daniel looked at it.

Then, to put it simply, he died.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 31, 2002

The python wrapped itself atound the possum. The possum squealed and struggled, frantic because it could barely breathe.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a birdlike creature with a long slender body darted at the snake. This creature had a switchblade claw on both of its feet. The creature had gripping hands and razor-sharp teeth. The creature was strong and snatched the python up with no difficulty. The python started to constrict the reptile, but no use. the creature bit the python's head off and that was that. The wierd thing began to feed. The possum had ran away. The creature left the snake after one bite.

Raptors don't like snakes.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; March 1, 2002

The raptor slowly walked into the plain. Triceratops started shaking their horns at this feathered velociraptor. It was very annoying too. Velociraptor cried out to no one in particular. an Alamosaurus, a Late Cretaceous sauropod, began trumpeting at him. Velociraptor ignored it and began preening his feathers. At that moment a Gallimimus almost ran into him. velociraptor knew this place was too dangerous, so he went back into the forest.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; March 10, 2002
(all raptors lived lived at the same time)

Jack Horner, famous paleontologist, was about to let out Tyla, the female Tyrannosaurus rex, against a pack of Utahraptor, Velociraptor, Deinonychus and Dromaesaurus(Dromies). He wanted to prove to Robert Bakker that Tyrannosaurus was a lazy scavenger who had terrible teeth but otherwise had bad eyesight, arms useless, and legs not even fit for a human. However raptors had long killing arms, sickle toe clows, and legs more fit for a cheetah than anything. Bakker said Tyrannosaurus was a deadly predator, and raptors were just raptors, period.

Tyla the T-rex was a little fat and had an ugly head full of teeth to rip any counterpart apart. She looked like she had srong legs but really did not(says Horner). Tyla was a little confused when she was in the room. She saw the raptors slowly walking towards her and roared at them. They were still weary. A big Utahraptor walked up to her and she roared at him but roared in pain because her big toe was seriously bit. The raptor then leaped at her, holding onto her legs. A Dromie leapt higher and was almost at the chest. Tyla easily shook the little raptor off and bent down to rip the Utahraptor on her leg to shreds. Big mistake.

A swarm of Deinonychus leapt onto Tyla's head and she shook it violently. A couple of raptors fell but the others stuck on, clawing. One got too close to the mouth and crawled into it, wondering a sec. It was stupid. The tyrannosaur's mouth closed and swallowed the little Deinonychus, still alive but would not be soon as attacked by stomach acid. One Deinonychus did a lot of damage.It crawled to the huge throat and scraped at it. Tyla felt unbearable pain and shook her neck so the raptor fell off and killed it. But she already had a scrape and the raptors were crawling toward it. The Velociraptor and Dromies were getting ready to jump. The Velociraptor jumped high,on the upper leg and began to crawl to the head to help the Deinonychus. The dromies did after, but a lot fell to their doom. A T-rex was awfully tall for a raptor 3 ft. high.

Tyla's throat was getting ripped open by numerous claws from Deinonychus, Utahraptor, and Dromies. The Utahraptor were coming. They jumped but only got as high to the middle of the leg, but they climbed up with ease. Unlike Dromies, if they fell it would npt hurt too much.

will Tyla make a comeback or will the raptors get her?

from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; March 12, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

Deinonychus and Velociraptor pack vs. Tyrannosaurus rex

Host: Well-

T-rex: I will conquer!

Host: I didn't say th-

T-rex: (growls)

Host: All right, all right. We're here in the Bahamas, a good place to be. Right now we've got the Velociraptors sunbathing and the Deinonychus still in their locker room. Let's go there.(goes to locker room)

Host: Hello, raptors.

Deinonychus1(alpha): hello.

Host: So, what's you're plan?

Deinonychus5: Like we're telling you! You're gonna tell the Tyrannosaurus!

Host: No I'm not!

Alpha Male: Please go get the Veloci's. We need them.

Host: Veloci's?

Alpha Male: Yes, them, now please go get them.

Host: They're sunbathing.

Deinonychus21: their loss. Leave please!

Host: OKAY!(leaves)

Host: They have a plan, T-rex.

T-rex: they do? Hmm, what is it?

Host: I don't know. They didn't tell me.

a 1/2 an hour later

Raptors: We're ready!

T-rex: Finally, were have you guys been?

Alpha Velociraptor: Somewhere.

Alpha Deinonychus and Alpha Velociraptor: CHARGE!!!

Will T-rex win, or will the raptors conquer? Find out when I have more time to do this! =D
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 30, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

Deinonychus and Velociraptor pack vs. Tyrannosaurus rex

Host: Well-

T-rex: I will conquer!

Host: I didn't say th-

T-rex: (growls)

Host: All right, all right. We're here in the Bahamas, a good place to be. Right now we've got the Velociraptors sunbathing and the Deinonychus still in their locker room. Let's go there.(goes to locker room)

Host: Hello, raptors.

Deinonychus1(alpha): hello.

Host: So, what's you're plan?

Deinonychus5: Like we're telling you! You're gonna tell the Tyrannosaurus!

Host: No I'm not!

Alpha Male: Please go get the Veloci's. We need them.

Host: Veloci's?

Alpha Male: Yes, them, now please go get them.

Host: They're sunbathing.

Deinonychus21: their loss. Leave please!

Host: OKAY!(leaves)

Host: They have a plan, T-rex.

T-rex: they do? Hmm, what is it?

Host: I don't know. They didn't tell me.

a 1/2 an hour later

Raptors: We're ready!

T-rex: Finally, were have you guys been?

Alpha Velociraptor: Somewhere.

Alpha Deinonychus and Alpha Velociraptor: CHARGE!!!

Will T-rex win, or will the raptors conquer? Find out when I have more time to do this! =D
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 30, 2002

Nurse Gloria raced to the ER. Another patient. It was Randall Olsen, a famous movie star. Randall was Gloria's sixth patient in critical condition. But Randall had the most grotesque look.

His face, well, you couldn't even see it. It was splattered with blood. His arm was almost severed. The legs seemed fine-waist and above was ugly. Randall's chest was scratched up, though it seemed like something huge bit him. Gloria gasped. She ran to wipe up the blood. Through the door came Paleontologist Wesley Jones. He was famous worldwide, and the doctors recognized him. Hmm, why on earth would he be here, Gloria thought. Wesley swept over to the bloody Randall. He studied his bitten up chest, and gasped.

"Some wild animal is my guess," said Dr. Galo, the oldest doctor in the room.
"No, I know what it is.." said Wesley slowly. "It's impossible..."
"Oh, just tell us," Gloria told him.
"Tyrannosaur...Tyrannosaur bite.."
"WHAT???" cried Gloria.
"Where did you find him, ma'am?" asked Wesley.
"In West Woods, why-"
"Me and my bud Leo will go there to solve the mystery," declared the paleontologist.

Randall Olsen, famous and cute movie star, died during the night. It was a blow to his fans. But that's got nothing to do with my story.

Wesley and Leo headed to West Woods the day after. After a while, like an hour or so, a loud roar broke the silence. Birds fluttered into the air. Leo and Wesley stopped in their tracks.


The sound was coming closer, so close..

A huge monster ran up to the paleontologists. Bright orange eyes, the monster had. Teeth sharp as a saw, six inches long. Such strong legs and tiny arms. The monster's head swung down to the tiny people. Leo clutched Wesley's vest.
The Tyrannosaurus rex looked at them both for a moment, then snatched up Wesley with his huge mouth and started to crush him. Wesley screamed like crazy. Still crushing the scienist, the T-rex walked off. Soon Wesley's last screams were faint and Leo heard him no more.

Never again.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 27, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

T-rex vs. Spinosaurus

Host: Well, this is it.

T-rex: You got that right. Spinosaurus's last day.

Spinosaurus: Oh yeah? Who ever heard of the loser winning?

T-rex: Oh yeah, well you're a....

Host: oh please, kids are watching, what a bad influence.

T-rex: Oh sorry.

Othnielia: Where is it? Where is it?

Spinosaurus: Where's what?

Othnielia: THE PLANTS!

Host: Somewhere. Now leave you are interrupting the fi-

Othnielia: Look, Smarty, I need MY PLANTS!!!

T-rex: Leave him alone!(steps on Othnielia)

Othnielia: Argh, why is it me-(dies)

Spinosaurus: Whatever. Now, back to the fight.

T-rex: Right. (bites Spinosaurus's tail)

Dryosaurus: Did YOU KILL OTHNIELIA???

T-rex: Wha?(drops Spinosaurus)

Spinosaurus: Yeah he did, ooh my head hurts.

T-rex: (rounds on Spinosaurus) You shut up!(turns back to Dryosaurus) Yes, I did kill Othnielia.

Dryosaurus: You're meAN!

T-rex: What's your point.

Dryosaurus: You are M-E-A-N!

Spinosaurus: No need to spell it, dude. Ouch!!(gets a kick from T-rex)

T-rex: What are you gonna do about it, Dryosaurus?

Dryosaurus: You are-(dies)

T-rex: Thanks, Spinosaurus. But I'm gonna kill you anyway.(beheads Spinosaurus)

Host: What???

T-rex: It was easy.

Host: Okay, next time we're going to the Bahamas so no one will interrupt the fights anymore.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 26, 2002


All dinosaurs lived at the same time.

A spinosaurus was fishing. No fish today. The long theropod slowly moved into the forest. No use. The sauropods were trumpeting too loud to go to sleep. So the Spinosaur decided to hunt. He smelled something. Food! Finally! It was a dead carcass, just killed. He would have to be careful.

The theropod went to the corpse. It was a young Diplodocus,just big enough to be eaten by a Spinosaurus. a Megalosaurus was eating. The Spinosaurus snuck up behind the "Big lizard" and attacked. The Magalosaurus tried to bite the Spinosaurus. No use. The sail-backed meat eater used his special technique. He rolled his arms on the neck of the tetanuran, and grasped it. He twisted it around.

The Megalosaurus flopped down, dead with a broken neck.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 16, 2002


The Spinosaurus ate from the corpse and from the Megalosaurus. He was bored now.

He could smell fear in the air. The little Othnielia were running. Triceratops shook their horns. Whatever it was, Spinosaurus figured, it must be bad.

A Tyrannosaurus rex broke out into the clearing at 25 miles per hour. Spinosaurus, taken by surprise, jerked back. The T-rex was aiming for a young Barosaurus, feeding. The barosaurus was obviously taken by surprise, too, and he jumped when T-rex bit him HARD. T-rex ran circles around the brachiosaur, and stopped short.

She saw Spinosaurus watching her.

The fenale T-rex roared loudly. Spinosaurus was too taken aback to answer, and he simply started to run away. Then he stopped. He wasn't a chicken! At that moment T-rex bore down on him with a viscous bite.

Side bleeding badly. Spinosaurus was enraged at a creature biggger than him. T-rex was happy and she tried for another bite. Spinosaurus whirled around, so that the female lost her balance, then regained it. She was angry again, and lunged for Spinosaurus. This time Spinosaurus stuck his hands into the rump of the tyrannosaur. She howled in pain, then kicked Spinosaurus. He staggered back, then put his claws into T-rex's rump again. This time, he swung his legs over and clung to the back of the bucking T-rex. He clumb to the head. Yes, this time he could kill her. T-rex's necks were too strong to be twisted, Spinosaurus realised. The tyrannosaur had just had a sprain. He had another plan. He swung an arm over, close to the T-rex's throat. It was hard to get at it, though.

Finally, Spinosaurus slit the T-rex's throat. The T-rex fell, dead.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 17, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

fight one: A cat vs. Ornitholestes

Ornitholestes: I will kill this, ah-

Host: Tabby.

Ornithol: Whatever.

Cat: MEOWW! What's this dino?

Host: It's an Ornitholest-

Allosaurus1: Ah ha! We found the arena!

Cat: What the hec-

Allosaurus2: A furry snack!(eats Cat)

Host:(squeals)Allosaurus! My enemies!

Allosaurs: Ah, host, we have a score to settle.

Ornithol: Yo, I like how you did that in chorus.

Allosaurus3: Thanks.

Host: Oh my, get them outta here! Tyrannosaurs!!!!!!

Allosaurus4: We murdered them.

Host: HOW????

Allosaurus1: Simple. We shot them. Now, prepare to be eaten.

Ornithol: You guys, he's nice why don't we jus-(gets eaten by Allosaurus8)

Host: AHHHHHHHH!!!! Waita minute.

Host's wife: Here's to the Allosaurs!(drops 13 bombs)

Allosaurs: wha-(explodes)

Host: YAY! What about Cat and the Ornitholestes?

Cat: (licks fur) The acid really put up a fight. Hey! I'm alive!

Host: The Allosaurus exploded.

Ornithol: Wow, I was just about to make friends with that Tyrannosaur leg.

host and cat: Oh gross.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 14, 2002

Dinosaur Fighting

(Diloph made up this episode about the match)

Pachycephalosaurus(Pachy) vs. Megalosaurus(Mega)

Host: You know what's different?

T.rex: What?

Host: Two things. JP3 moved back to Africa or wherever, and you get to be a spectator this time.

T.rex: Yeah, I guess so.

Pachy: Let's start the fight while I'm still young.

Host: Ho, 65 million years old is technically not young.

Mega: Whatever.

Host: All righty then....start!

Pachy: Thanks, Ace Ventura.

Host: I had to get a smart one.

Pachy: (runs but misses Mega)

Mega: Piece of sauropod. (bites Pachy)

Pachy: (misses again)

Mega: Oh, come oN!

Tropical Bird: Squak!

Mega: Hey...what?

Host: Scat, bird, or I'll sic my cat on you.

Tropical Bird: Sic my cat on you.

T.rex: Shoo!

T.B.(Tropical Bird): Shoo!

Mega: Maybe I should eat you!

TB: Eat you!

Pachy: I am a stupid bird.

TB: You are a stupid bird.

from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 7, 2002

The Allosaurus was really hungry. he wanted to eat. It was the middle of the dry season, and there wasn't much to eat. the Apatosaurus corpse was rotting by now, and it didn't taste very good.

A Stegosaurus stood by a large puddle, which used to be a huge lake. The Stegosaurus was waving it's tail around idly. Our male found his chance. He crept silently nearer to the head. Suddenly, a juvenile Ornitholestes cried out. The female Stegosaur looked up to see what the noise was. The small predator showed itself, and saw the Allosaurus watching him. At this point the birdlije predator was determined to prove himself stronger than an killing the Stegosaurus, who was really angry now and waving her tail for a reason. Our male stayed in his spot.

The Ornitholestes, on the other hand, went nearer. The stegosaur was not doing anything. She held her tail rigid, ready to swing it down like a pendulum. The Ornitholestes crept nearer, then ran at the Stegosaur, secretly hoping that the hidden Allosaurus was watching.

This was it. The stegosaur swung her tail down and pierced the Ornitholestes's throat. Blood spurted out. The predator cried out in pain, and out of fury he leaped like a raptor at the Stegosaurus, only to be connected with the spikes again, this time in the stomach. The annoying Ornitholestes collapsed and moaned, breathing heavily, staring at the Stegosaur, who had returned to drinking. Finally the small carnivorous dinosaur's eyes glazed over, and his chest went still. He was dead.

The Allosaurus had his chance now, and snuck up behind the drinking stegosaur. He lunged at her throat and pierced it. He held on to the neck, not letting go. The Stegosaur was gighting wildly,then collapsed. The Allosaurus almost went along wih her, but let go just in time. He cocked his head, not sure if the armored dinosaur was dead yet. He sniffed. Yep. He took a huge bite and began to eat.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 13, 2002

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