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Tim M.:

July 27th 2002
Outside of Upper Darby, Penn.
Chapter 1(What came before was the prologue)
The dinosaurs enjoyed the agreeable summer warmth as the pale-orange Sun crept over the Horizon. The twin Spinosaurus had already risen to their feet and had gone looking for Herbivores. DinoPark was an enormous sanctuary that covered an area of 4,000 acres. It was dotted with big, shady trees,bushes,and ponds and criss-crossed with streams. Not to mention it was the world's biggest dinosaur sanctuary! Martin Connery, the HDRAB(U.S.A. station, since there's HDRAB stations all over the world) member who was in charge of making sure every dinosaur was always present at DinoPark, made his routine morningly flight over DinoPark in a helicopter.
"Two Spinosaurus:Check. Five Utahraptor:Check. Three Stegosaurus:ummm...Oh, there they are!Check.Four Tyrannosaurus:one, two...three, and four!Check. Three Megalosaurus:Check. Two Indosuchus:check. Four Allosaurus:Check. Three Giganotosaurus:check. Twenty Velociraptor:check. 10 Deinonychus:check. And 2 Lilentsternus:check." The HDRAB never bothered to count Herbivores unless there was an emergency, because they were so abundant.
Meanwhile, the four T-rex had surrounded a small group of Edmontosaurus. They each chose a target. During the mayhem, three Edmontosaurus escaped, while the other four had been quickly killed. Three of the T-rex dragged their kills away while the fourth ate in the same spot. But after hearing the roar of the two Giganotosaurus, he himself dragged his kill away. At the same moment, an Allosaurus had confronted a Megalosaurus who was about to eat a Leptoceratops that she had just caught. This particular Allosaur had been having a bad week. He had: nearly been gored in the stomach by a Chasmosaurus,been robbed of his meat by a pack of Utahraptor,and had been chased out of his territory by an angry T-rex. But now his would change. He was much larger than the sub-adult Megalosaurus and took her food without much of a fight.
At about noon, the large Ceratopsian and Sauropod herds came to drink at the big waterhole. The quenching of their thirst was only briefly interrupted by a pair of Helicopters flying over. Another darn patrol. Since the installment of Joe Smiths security plan, peace and order had reigned in DinoPark.
But far away, in a white van cruising down a Manhattan street, two men, the chief assasins of the entire nation were about to receive an important phone call. The blue Nokia cell phone rang for a while before either Jimmy Mantella
or Tom Jones realized. "Pick up the phone, idiot!" said Jimmy in his Brooklyn type accent."Yeah, Yeah..." replied Tom. "And I'll put it on speaker for ya too!" On the other line, Arthur Perez,head of the A.D.S. greeted them.
"Hello, men. So, do we have a deal?" "Yeah,Yeah... Of cour..." started Jimmy.
"Wait a minute." said Tom "you expect us to kill dinosaurs at DinoPark?!"
"Yes. I do." said Perez"And I expect you to do it perfectly. Two by two. At night. Herbivores first. And DO NOT leave any traces. You two are experts. Now carry on."
The next morning, HDRAB officials stormed in to the main office.
Joe Smith himself announced the bad news. "Two of our Ornithopods were shot last night..."

(To be continued)
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 3, 2002

Chapter 2
The Spinosaurus roared in plain. It had just scraped the top of its sail on one of the ship's guns. All of the carnivores and some Herbivore had been crowded onto two U.S. aircraft carriers: The Enterprise and the Carl Vinson. They had cleared the decks of all the F-16 and F-15 fighter jets, but all of the carnivores were very crammed. Admiral Thomas Jacobs gazed absent-mindedly out over the Ocean, the glanced down at the deck of the Enterprise. He then radioed his fellow naval officer and long time friend Cory Whiting, who was in command of the other ship. "We're closing in on the Panama canal. We better find out a way to hide them." "No problem," replied Cory "weather forecast calls for dense fog in the canal zone. Hey, do you have enough food in store, because we have more than enough. It'll still be a few days before we reach Wake."
"We've got plenty, don't worry."

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 6, 2002
Rain poured down onto the beleaguered Aircraft Carriers. The wind screeched loudly and the ocean churned as the trade winds blew from the Carribean onto the Pacific. Admiral Thomas was communicating with the navigation center on Cocos Island, which is several miles off the Costa Rican cost. Most of the Therepods were sleeping under the gigantic blue tarp, awaiting their transfer to Wake Island, a remote mass of rock in the middle of the Pacific. Waiting on Wake were several dinosaur experts to monitor them and to ensure their safety. And that was who Cory was talking to.

"Yes, so let me review your resumes... Oh don't worry, I'll use your code names...Yes, O.K., so we have "Gianna", a paleontologist from California, you described Salidon, Nochismimus, and others..."Tom G.", dinosaur hunter from N.Z., your most famous discovery is Occultasaurus... "Joe Bob B.", founder of the Dinosaur wrestling federation, and "Da masta", its CEO... We've got "T-master", creator of the first dinosaur game show, and a few others. All right, see you then."

At nightfall, many of the dinosaurs grew restless. They had been on these ships for hours. Unfortunately, they were about to get some serious excercise. None of the crew members saw the torpedoes coming. They streaked silently through the dark water, and hit each ship. With a loud bang, the dinosaurs were thrown from the now rapidly sinking ships. Some drowned, but most made it to the Central American cost, where they spread out into their respective groups, and now had nothing to do but wander.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 24, 2002

July 16th 2002
Two thirds of the crowed erupted with ecstasy as the T-Rex - Megalosaurus match began. But the real action was going on "upstairs" as it was so often called.
In the Human-Dinosaur relations administration bureau, (a.k.a H.D.R.A.B)
the commitee was discussion the new threat of the Anti Dinosaur society.
Since dinosaurs were first rediscovered on the island of Borneo, these people constantly try to rid the world of Dinosaurs.
"O.K. O.K. people, settle down. We've got a problem." called the chairman of the bureau, James Macmaster. "With all the attacks by carnivorous dinosaurs, the A.D.S. might succeed in getting congress to pass the dinosaur imprisonment act."
Anxious mumurs floated across the room, as people questioned the duration of dinosaur freedom.
"Guys, I got a plan, sort of..." said a young man named Joe Smith,who had just stood up.
"We could set up stations to monitor the dinosaurs behavior of the dinosaurs, while still giving them enough freedom. Then the A.D.S. won't have any thing to complain about."
"Brilliant..." said Macmaster. "Now how do you suggest we do this perfectly in a minimum amount of time?"
"There's... still a few kinks to work out." said Smith.
"You've got 12 hours to find out how we'll do this... Now go!"

So Joe Smith workes long into the night, seemingly unbothered by the furious gnawing of his hamster. Meanwhile, the T-rex had defeated the Megalosaurus in a long match. But even as everyone was busy congratulating Utahraptor and T-rex, all of the members of H.D.R.A.B knew that they and the dinosaurs were about to be in a sticky situation...
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 1, 2002

"And now, welcome last years runner-up: Utahraptor!"

And this time the screen flashed
"Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
5-7m long ; 1 tonne"

"And now, the countown begins: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1..."
The sound of the extremely loud electronic bell reverberated through the immense dome, and match one had begun!

The two quick, agile dinosaurs charged directly at each other, crashed head on with a dull thud, then both stumbled backwards.
But then, Liliensternus recovered first and pounced on Utahraptor's back, beginning to bite it.
"Ooh... it looks like Liliensternus made the first move"
Utahraptor uttered a shrill cry as it was beginning to bleed.
But it could no longer stand the pain. Utahraptor broke away at full speed, leaving behing a trail of blood. Liliensternus fell on to it's back, and was struggling to get back up. Realizing it's opportunity, Utahraptor charged.
The crowed ooed and aahed as Utahraptor sunk it's claws into Liliensternus side.
"Liliensternus is no longer able to battle! Utahraptor has won!" shouted the referee.
"Well, that was a close one,people. Please salute these two fighters as they go to receive medical attention. We will take a 10 minute intermission before the T-Rex-Megalosaurus match!"

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 26, 2002

July 16th, 2002
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Animalia cup Championships
Division A: Dinosauria
Division B: Mammilia

"Well it all comes down to this, folks! Today we begin the tournament of the final Animal division: The Dinosauria. The winner of this tournament will go on to face the Mammilian champion, Andrewsarchus, who has already defeated the Reptilian champion! In about 30 minutes, we will have the first match: Liliensternus vs Utahraptor!"

Spectators begin to fill the 200,000 large, leather seats of the huge dome. They chatter about the matches of the day or any other certain topic.
One of the spectators remarks that: "Giganotosaurus is heavily favored this year!" The person next to him added:"And Utahraptor is predicted to be 2nd place"

A short while later...

"Alllllright everybody, let's all give a warm welcome to Liliensterus!!!"

The enormous screen hanging from the ceiling flashed the words
" Liliensternus liliensterni
450 kg 7m long"

Stay tune for the match, and the second match: T-Rex vs. Megalosaurus!

(I'm still working on the rest of the T-rex-Allosaurus thing"
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 25, 2002

Allosaurus vs. T-rex.

Just looking at the facts, one could tell T-rex should have an obvious advantage.

T-rex could crush through bone with it's jaws capable of administering 13,400 newtons of force on it's victim. It's teeth were the longest of any dinosaur, at 13 inches maximum, and they were thick and conical. And let's not forget that it could remove 500 lbs. of meat per bite!

Also, T-Rex had serious speed and agility advantages over Allosaurus. With it's gracile limbs, Ornithomimid like feet, stiff tail, and large brain for motor control, T-rex probably could out maneuver Allosaurus.

And what's more, is that as far as we can tell, T-Rex had keener senses than Allosaurus.

But all is not lost for Allo...

Here's what's to come in chronological order:

Where Allosaurus stands
If T-Rex makes the first move
If Allosaurus makes the first move
Final verdict

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 19, 2002

Allosaurus already looks like it's on the short end of the stick.
A.fragilis, being 25-30 ft. long and weighing 1 - 1.7 metric tonnes, it is barely have the length of T-Rex and 1/6 the weight. What's more, Allosaurus doesn't nearly have T-rex' jaw power, and it's not quite as quick as T-rex.
But it's still capable of defending itself and inflicting a good amount of damage to the T-Rex. In the past, some had argued that T-Rex would die from his injuries. Now we're going to look at what would happen during the attack.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; January 20, 2002

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