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Let me know if I get chapters out of order. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions for the format of this page.

Tom G.

An Allosaurus's Life
An Allosaurus's life

Chapter 1

In an Allosaurus nest an egg starts moving. Then out comes a baby Allosaurus. Suddenly baby Allosauruses are coming out of all the eggs. Nearby an 11 meter long Allosaurus sence's this and starts digging up the nest. It is their Mum. After their mum has dug up the nest 6 baby Allosauruses come out. This is about one of the Allosaurus called Allen. Allen's mum is gigantic compared to him and its hard to belive he will get that big. Allen's mum takes her babies away from the nest so that small predators like Ornitholestes won't find them at the nest. But an Ornitholestes has already found them. Alen strays from his nest while chasing an insect not aware that he is being watched. Allen's mother walks towards him so she can be close to him. But the ornithelesties runs towards Allen. Allens mother runs towards the Ornithelesties and grabs its tail and flings it onto the ground before it gets Allen. Then his mum bites the ornitholestes killing it. It was a lucky escape for Allen. A few weeks later Alen and his siblings are hunting for insects when an Ornithelesties runs out of some trees and jumps at one of Allen's siblings. His Mum doesn't get back in time and the ornithelesties eats the baby Allosaurus.

5 months pass and Allen's mother has kicked her children out to fend for themselves. Allen is searching through the forest for lizards with one of his siblings. Allen sees one on a tree trunk and eats it. Allen's sibling has already eaten one so they start looking for a place to drink. Then suddenly a 5m long Ceratosaurus charges at them. They start running but the Ceratosaurus gets Allen's sibling and kills it. Allen runs away frightened.

(I'm still going to be writing An Occultusaurus's life)
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 14, 2001

An Allosauruses Life

Chapter 2

Its 6 months later and Allen has found his other two siblings, a female and a male. Its night and none of them can get to sleep because of the Diplodocus herd in the plains. After a restless night the three of them go hunting in the morning. They find a group of Dryosaurus feeding on the plains but the biggest of the Dryosaurus are the same size of Allen and his siblings, 3m long. They attack the group anyway and run straight for the group. Allens female sibling chases one straight to allen and he bites the Dryosaurus in the back then flings it onto the ground. The female sibling, frustrated at giving Allen an easy meal trys to get a Dryosaurus with her other male sibling but the Dryosaurus are too fast. Allens siblings are still hungry so they try and find some more food. Then they smell dead Camptosaurus meat. They run to the carcass and start taking bites only to find they are not alone. Two adult Allosaurus one 11m long and one 10m long walk out of the forest roaring. All! en and his siblings take a bite each then run off.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; March 2, 2002

An Occultusauruses Life
(Occultusaurus is a dinosaur I made up)

Chapter 1

Occs mum roars at occ to tell him to stay with her. The dense New Zealand forest would be very dangerous to the 10 month old male Occultusaurus so he walks back to his mum. But its only a few months until Occ will get driven away by his mother and he is getting very curious. Occ used to have a brother and a sister but his brother strayed away from the nest and got eaten by an Allosaurus.

One month later

Occ and his sister Olivia stayed at the nest while there mum went hunting. While there at the nest they here an allosaurus coming, they go into some bushes and hope the allosaurus won't see them. It works, the allosaurus thinks there is nothing there and goes back into the forest. A while later there mum comes back and regurgetates some Hypsilophodonid meat. The next day occs mum takes Occ and Olivia on a hunting lesson, its only a month until occ and olivia will be on there own so their mum is trying to give them the skills they will need to live on their own. Occ sees a Tuatara basking on a rock, Occ sneaks up to it and snatches it. Occ is happy after his first taste of Tuatara meat.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 16, 2001

An Occultusauruses life

Chapter 2

Occ and Olivia were resting in the nest after their hunting lesson when Occ saw a dinosaur he had never seen before it was a Catusaurus. (short for Brevisloricatusaurus which is a Nodosauride dinosaur I made up)It looked strange to him with spikes and bony scutes running down its back. Occ hissed at it but the Catusaurus just ignored him and kept on walking along. But then their mum saw it and thought it might be dangerous to occ and olivia so came running out of the trees where she resting and roared at the catusaurus. The Catusaurus may have ignored occ but didn't ignore his mum and backed off back into the forest.

1 month later

Occ and Olivia were siting in the nest when their mum came running towards them roaring. It was time for Occ and Olivia to leave and if they didn,t they would be dinner for their mum. Occ and Olivia went running away from the nest. They now had to do everything by themselves and the next few days would be very hard for them.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 18, 2001

An Occultusaurus's life

Chapter 3

Occ and Olivia walked through the forest looking for anything to eat. They were very hungry. They could survive about 5 more days without food but by that time they would be very weak. Then they heard a rustling in some bushes and Occ and Olivia hid. Out of the bushes came a 2.4 m long Catusaurus. Occ and Olivia ran out of their hiding place and walked away from the Catusaurus. Occ and Olivia are only 70cm long and would have no chance against the Catusaurus. Occ and Olivia kept on walking and as it got dark found a place where they would be safe for the night. The next day Occ and Olivia kept searching for food, as they were searching they smelled a dead carcass. They ran to where the smell was coming when Olivia nearly fell down a 50 ft hole. It was an entrance to a cave (or as they are called in NZ, Tomo), the smell was coming from a Hypsilophodonid that fell down the tomo. Occ and Olivia had no chance of getting at it so they moved on. The next day Occ and Olivia came to a! herd of Hypsilophodonids. Occ and Olivia hadn't had much experiance of hunting Hypsilophodonids and therefore didn't know how fast they are. They ran straight towards the herd but the Hypsilophodonids quickly got away from them. Tired and very very hungry the only chance for Occ and Olivia to get any food was to scavenge because they are too weak to hunt live dinosaurs. Later on in the day they found what they wanted, a dead Hypsilophodonid. They ate very fast because another Occultusaurus or an Allosaur could kill them or get them away from the carcass. But no other dinosaurs found it and Occ and Olivia recovered from their near death experience.
from Tom G, age 12, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2001

An Occultusaurus's Life

Chapter 4

Occ and Olivia walk searching for prey near a surf beach, they are now 1.1 meters long and about 1 1/2 years old. Its the beginning of winter and it is getting just a little bit colder but the temperature still doesn't get very cold. Occ and Olivia spot a herd of Hypsilophodonids feeding at the edge of the beach. They sneak through the forest which is behind the beach to ambush them. When they are close enough they run out of the tree's onto the beach. Occ grabs a Hypsilophodonid and Olivia chase's one towards the water. The Hypsilophodonid has nowhere to go but either side of Olivia and as it tries getting away it is caught in Olivia's jaws. Olivia drags the carcass away from the water and starts eating it.

5 months later

Occ and Olivia are drinking at the shore of a lake. They are 1.5 meters long and nearly 2 years old. Every few years herds of Iguanodontids migrate here and they have this summer. Some Iguanodontids are drinking at the lake too. But suddenly there is fear in the air. The Iguanodontid herd start running because 2 Allosaurus have come out of the trees chasing them. The herd is panicking and they are heading towards Occ and Olivia. Occ gets caught inside the herd and gets knocked over by a Iguanodontid and narowly avoids the jaws of one of the Allosaurs. Occ manages to get out of the herd and sees the 2 Allosaurs bringing down one of the Iguanodontids. But in the confusion Occ and Olivia must've got separated because Olivia is nowhere to be seen.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 1, 2001

An Occultusaurus's life

Chapter 5

Occ walks back into the forest. He would now have to hunt alone which is alot harder than hunting with Olivia. When he is looking for somthing to eat he doesn't realize that he is being whatched by an Allosaur. Suddenly the allosaur comes charging towards Occ. Occ starts running but the allosaur has nearly got him, Occ runs into some dense bushes. The allosaur bites into the bushes to get occ but he got out of the bushes and into a clump of ferns without the allosaur seeing him so the allosaur kept on kicking and biting into the bushes until he gave up. Then occ sneaked out of the ferns and kept on searching for prey.

1 month later

Occ is walking down the shore when he see's two Occultusaurus's running out of the forest. Then he smell's what they are probably running towards, a dead dinosaur but as he gets closer he can see there are a few other Occultusaurus's there to. Occ runs towards it so he can get enough before too much Occultusaurus's come. When he got there he saw that it was the huge carcass of a 6m long Iguanodontid. There where 3 other Occultusaurus's at the carcass and none of them where much bigger than him so they arn't dangerous to him. But after a little while a 4m long male Occultusaurus comes. It walks to the best part of the carcass and starts eating, none of the other occultusaurus's go near him because he is alot bigger than all of them. Occ eats his fill then walks into the forest.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 7, 2001

An Occultusaurus's Life

Chapter 6

Occ is nearly 2 meters long and 2 1/2 years old. He is following a sick 3 meter long Catusaurus waiting for it to die. Then after a while another Occultusaurus comes. The catusaurus dosen't look like its going to die very soon so Occ and the other occultusaurus attack the catusaurus. The catusaurus has a spike on each shoulder and moves its shoulders side to side to try and scare the occultusaurus's off. But Occ comes from behind and starts tearing at the little bit of belly that he can get to as the other occultusaurus does the same on the other side. The Catusaurus gets down lower so its harder to get its belly. Occ's inexperiance shows as he gets to close to the catusaurus's shoulders. The Catusaurus swings its shoulders and one of its spikes gets Occ. Occ lets out a cry of pain and backs away from the Catusaurus. The other Occultusaurus backs away aswell. A few hours later the Catusaurus dies but occ is serverly injured. After Occ has eaten his fill he walks off. The spike! of the catusaurus got him on his side where his ribs are.

6 months later

Occ has recovered from his injury but he is very thin because he couldn't get as much food when he was injured. A month ago Occ found a hunting partner and occ and his hunting partner are sneaking up to a herd of Hypsilophodonids. Occ goes for a 70 cm long young one while his partner goes for a 90 cm long one. When they are close enough they run towards the herd but while they are running Occ's partner falls down a tomo. Tomo's are hard to see and many dinosaurs fall down them. The hypsilophodonids get away aswell. Occ's partner didn't die instantly because the tomo isn't very big but it left him paralysed at the bottom of it. Occ's partner dies 8 hours later from blood loss and starvation.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 14, 2001

An Occultusaurus's life

Chapter 7

Occ sneaks through the undergrowth near a stoney river bank, he's watching an Iguanodontid herd thats feeding at the edge of the forest trying to find one thats not too close to the herd and small enough. He see's a very young 1 meter long one thats at the edge of the herd, now that he's found one he gets into the right position. Then when he's close enough he charges at his chosen prey. he chases it but the iguanodontid runs into the herd, a full sized bull swings its thumb claw at occ and it only just misses. Occ makes a hasty retreat. Back in the forest he finds some more sutable prey, a group of hypsilophodontids. Using his green body colour as camoflage he gets as close as he can and makes sure he's upwind so they cant smell him. He finds a small one and when the time is right he attacks. Running in a short sprint he catches up to his chosen prey and dives at it, he gets it down and slashes at it with is claws and then bites in the neck killing it.

1 Month Later

There haven't been any rains lately so there is a drought. Food is scarce and there isn't much prey so he mainly scavenges. Occ sniffs the air and smells the nice smell of dead dinosaur. He follows the smell and finds that it leads to a dead 1m long Hypsilophodontid. But he see's that there is another Occultusaurus there, a 2.8m long female and thats about the same size as Occ. Then Occ notices that the female occultusauruses smell is familiar, its Olivia. Usually Occ and Olivia would pair up and hunt together but in theis drought there isn't enough food for them to scavenge together. Occ is reluctant to fight with his sister but he they wouldn't survive together so he hisses at Olivia but olivia won't budge and hisses beack. Then Occ runs toward her and swipes at her with his claws. then it turns into a real fight with them slashing at eachother. Occ backs off because he can't get serverly injured because he might not survive. He steals a little bit of meat and starts running away but Olivia follows him because she wants that meat back. But she stops chasing and goes back to the carcass before anybody else gets it.
from Tom G, age ?, ?, ?; February 12, 2002

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