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Roald Amundsen: Quiz
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1. Amundsen was inspired to become an explorer when he was a teenager after reading about which other explorer? ____________________________

2. On an early voyage, Amundsen helped a crew avoid a disease caused by the lack of vitamin C. What is this disease called? ____________________

3. Amundsen discovered something about the North Magnetic Pole. What did he discover about it? ____________________

4. What type of vehicle did Amundsen and his crew use to reach the South Pole? _____________________

5. On what date did Amundsen and his crew reach the South Pole? _____________________

6. While Amundsen reached the South Pole, another explorer was also trying to reach it. He and his entire crew died. What was the name of that explorer? _______________________________

7. What type of craft did Amundsen use to fly to the North Pole? ____________________

8. On his trip to the North Pole, who flew and designed the vehicle? ____________________

9. When did they land on the North Pole? ____________________

10. Amundsen died while he was attempting to do something. What was he trying to do? __________________________

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