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Robert E. Peary Quiz
Name: ________________________________

Answer the following questions on Peary. For a page on Peary, click here.

1. In what year was Peary born? __________________________________

2. Robert E. Peary led the first expedition to travel successfully to what famous spot on the globe? ______________________________

3. In what year did this occur? __________________________

4. What was the name of the American man who accompanied Peary to this destination? He was Peary's partner on this and many other expeditions. __________________________________

5. What is the name of the island at the far north of Canada to which the expedition sailed and on which they set up their base camp? __________________________________

6. What type of transportation did the team use to travel over the snow? __________________________________

7. Peary made many exploratory trips. Where in Central America did he explore to try to find a good location in which to build a canal to link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? __________________________________

8. One of Peary's early expeditions was almost a disaster, and the members almost starved to death. What area was this expedition charting? __________________________________

9. Peary also went on expeditions to collect valuable, unusual objects in the Arctic. What were these objects? __________________________________

10. In what year did Peary die? __________________________________

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