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Outline Map Research Activity #3 - Australia
outline map Australia

1. Label the major bodies of water and color them blue.

2. Mark and label the highest point in the country.

3. Label the capital (mark it with a star) and other major cities (each marked with a dot).

4. Mark and label any interesting features (for example: mountain ranges, islands, deserts, rainforests, the equator, ...).

5. What continent is this country in? __________________________________________________

6. What are people from this country called? __________________________________________________

7. What is the official language of the country? ___________________________________________________

8. What is the approximate population of the country (and what is its rank)? __________________________________

9. What is the approximate area of the country (and what is its rank)? ________________________________________

10. What are the major natural resources of the country? __________________________________________________

11. What are the major industries and products of the country? _________________________________________________

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