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Louisiana Purchase
Quiz: The Louisiana Purchase
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1. From which country did the US purchase (buy) the Louisiana Territory? _____________________

2. Who was the President of the US when the Louisiana Territory was purchased? ______________________________

3. On what date was the Louisiana Purchase completed? ____________________

4. Did the Louisiana Purchase include more than the state of Louisiana? _______________________________

5. Did the Louisiana Purchase double, triple, or quadruple the size of the US? _______________________________

6. Was the Louisiana Territory east or west of the Mississippi River? _______________________________

7. Was the Louisiana Territory north or south of Canada? _______________________________

8. Was the Louisiana Territory east or west of the Rocky Mountains? _______________________________

9. One of the people who arranged the Louisiana Purchase would later become the President of the US. Who was he? ___________________________

10. What pair of explorers was sent to explore the new territory? ______________________ and ______________________

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