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Harriet Tubman Page
Harriet Tubman Timeline/Quiz Printout

1619 The first African slaves are brought to Virginia
1808 The US bans the import of slaves
1820 Araminta Harriet Greene (Tubman) born in Maryland
1844 Harriet marries John Tubman, a free black man
1849 Harriet Tubman escapes to the North
1850 Harriet Tubman starts rescuing slaves via the Underground Railroad
1857 Dred Scott Supreme Court decision - slaves did not have the right to bring a case to court
1858 Harriet Tubman buys a farm near Auburn, New York
1859 John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry
1861 Abraham Lincoln elected President of the US; Civil War starts
1863 Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation
1865 Civil War ends; Lincoln is assassinated; 13th amendment to Constitution abolishes slavery
1868 14th amendment to Constitution grants citizenship to former slaves
1870 15th amendment to Constitution prohibits states from denying the right to vote because of race
1913 Harriet Tubman dies on March 10, 1913, Auburn, N.Y

1. In which US state was Harriet born? ____________________________

2. In what year did Harriet Tubman escape slavery? _________________

3. In what year did the Civil War begin? _________________

4. In what year did the Civil War end ? _________________

5. In what year did Harriet Tubman die ? _________________

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