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Ronald Reagan
Timeline/Quiz of
Ronald Reagan's Life
Presidents of the USA

1911 Ronald Wilson Reagan is born in Tampico, Illinois.
1932 Reagan graduates from Eureka College and becomes a sports announcer on radio.
1937 Reagan starts his movie career.
1940 Reagan marries Jane Wyman (they have two children).
1947 Reagan becomes president of the Screen Actors Guild (the union that represents movie actors).
1952 Reagan marries Nancy Davis (they have two children).
1964 Reagan makes his last movie.
1966 Reagan elected Governor of California.
1970 Reagan re-elected Governor of California.
1981 Reagan becomes President of the USA; US hostages in Iran are freed. Reagan is shot (but he recovers fully).
1984 Reagan is re-elected President of the USA.
1988 George H. W. Bush (Reagan's Vice-President) elected President.
1989 The Berlin Wall falls.
2004 Reagan dies at home in California (from complications as a result of Alzheimer's disease).

1. In which state was Reagan born? _____________________________________
2. When did Reagan first become governor of California? _____________________________________
3. When did Reagan first become President of the USA?
4. When did the Berlin wall fall?
5. In what year did Reagan die?

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