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A page on Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Quiz

Read the page on Benjamin Franklin, then answer the following questions.

1. In what year was Franklin born? ___________________

2. Name two important documents that Franklin signed. ________________________________ and ________________________________

3. What invention resulted from Franklin's experimentation with a kite in a thunderstorm? ________________________________

4. What invention of Franklin's helped people see better? _____________________________

5. What invention of Franklin's helped people keep warm? _____________________________________

6. Franklin proposed an idea in 1784 that would help the world by changing the clocks - what was this idea? ____________________________________

7. What is the name of the popular almanac that Franklin wrote and published? ____________________________________

8. How many years of formal education did Franklin have?________________

9. At the end of the Revolutionary War, Franklin helped negotiate peace with which country? _______________________________

10. Franklin served as US ambassador to which country? ________________

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