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Table of the Biggest Animals
Use the table to answer the questions.

Record Animal Scientific name Length Weight Diet Type
Biggest animal that ever lived Argentinosaurus
(a dinosaur)
Argentinosaurus huinculensis 35+m 730,000 kg herbivore
Biggest living animal blue whale Balaenoptera musculus 33.4m 190,000+ kg herbivore
Biggest land animal African bush elephant Loxodonta africana 10.7m 12,700 kg herbivore
Tallest land animal giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis 5.8m 2,000 kg herbivore
Biggest reptile saltwater crocodile Crocodylus porosus 6.3m 1,360 kg carnivore
Biggest living bird ostrich Struthio camelus 2.8m 156 kg omnivore
Biggest spider Goliath birdeater Heteropoda maxima 0.30m 0.15 kg carnivore
Biggest insect Goliath beetle Goliathus goliatus + G. regius 0.115m 0.1 kg herbivore
Biggest butterfly Queen Alexandra's birdwing Ornithoptera alexandrae 0.08m 0.012 kg herbivore

1. What is the biggest animal alive today? _____________________________________________

2. What animal was the biggest that ever lived? ________________________________________

3. What is the biggest insect? ________________________________________________________

4. Which animal in the table can fly? ___________________________________________________

5. What is the scientific name of the biggest living reptile? _____________________________

6. The biggest spider, the __________________________________, has a leg span of about 1 foot.

7. The average car weighs about 1800 kg. Which animal weighs about as much as a car?


8. A school bus is 11m long. Which animal is about this long? ____________________________

9. A 10-story building is about 30m tall. Which animals are/were as long as a 10-story building?


10. Are most of the biggest animals herbivores (plant-eaters) or carnivores (meat-eaters)?


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