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Table of Bird Eggs
Use the table to answer the questions.

Type of Bird Length of Egg (Average) Incubation Period
(How long it takes to hatch)
chicken 57mm 21 days
duck 76mm 27 days
eagle 75mm 36 days
finch 16mm 11 days
goose 86mm 25 days
hummingbird 13mm 16 days
mockingbird 25mm 12 days
ostrich 160mm 45 days
pheasant 45mm 26 days
swan 113mm 36 days

1. How many birds are represented in this table? ___________

2. Of these eggs, which has the longest incubation period? _______________________

3. Of these eggs, which has the shortest incubation period? _______________________

4. Of these birds, which has the biggest egg? _______________________

5. Of these birds, which has the smallest egg? _______________________

6. An ostrich egg is about as long as __________________ chicken eggs.

7. A baseball is 74mm wide. How many of these bird's eggs are bigger than a baseball? __________

8. A US penny is 19mm wide. Which of these bird's eggs are smaller than a penny?


9. How many of these birds take less than 2 weeks to hatch? _____________________

10. How many of these birds take over a month to hatch? _________________________

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