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More on Sharks
Table of Sharks
Use the table to answer the questions.

Shark Length Weight
basking shark 10 m 14,500 kg
blacktip reef shark 1.6 m 13.6 kg
dwarf lanternfish shark .19 m 0.014 kg
great white shark 7 m 2,270 kg
mako shark 3.9 m 450 kg
megamouth shark 5.5 m 1,215 kg
nurse shark 4.3 m 330 kg
whale shark 14 m 21,000 kg

1. How many sharks are listed in this table? ___________________

2. Which shark in this table is the biggest? ________________________

3. Which shark in this table is the smallest? ___________________

4. A adult human is about 1.7 meters tall. Which shark in this table is closest to that length? ___________________________

5. How many sharks in this table are over 3 meters long? _______________________

6. A whale shark is about twice as long as a ____________________________ shark.

7. Which shark is about twice as long as a megamouth shark? _____________________

8. Which shark in this table weighs about half as much as a great white shark? ___________________

9. What is the second-lightest shark in this table? _______________________

10. What is the second-heaviest shark in this table? ___________________

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