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For each new Olympics, new medals are designed. Medals are awarded to first, second and third place. Gold goes to first place, silver to second, and bronze to third.

The medals awarded to the winning athletes in the Sydney, Australia, Olympic Games were designed by the Australian sculptor Wojciech Pietranik. The medals are 68 mm across and from 3 to 5 mm thick. The medals are attached to a cyan blue ribbon that is inscribed with the words: SYDNEY 2000.

The Front of the Medals:
The front depicts the Goddess Nike (she represents victory) who is holding a laurel wreath above her head and a bundle of palm fronds in her other arm. She is seated next to a Grecian urn. Below Nike is a bundle of wattle (the Australian national flower).

The Back of the Medals:
The back depicts the five Olympic rings, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Olympic torch, and waves of water.

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