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The quagga was a large, hoofed type of zebra that went extinct in the 1880's. It went extinct in the wild in the 1870's; it was hunted to extinction for its meat and hide. The last quagga, a mare (an adult female), died in captivity in the Amsterdam Zoo on August 12, 1883.

Quaggas lived in large herds in dry grasslands of South Africa. These social animals were very closely related to modern-day plains zebras (Equus burchelli). The scientific name (genus and species) of the quagga is Equus quagga (although recent DNA studies have shown that the plains zebra and the quagga belong to the same species).

Anatomy: The quagga had distinctive yellowish-brown fur with stripes on the head, neck and chest. It had hoofed feet and a long, upright, bristly, black and white mane. Large eyes and ears helped the quagga detect predators. It had long legs and was a fast runner. The quagga was about 53 inches high at the shoulder, and weighed from 500-700 pounds.

Diet: Quaggas were herbivores (plant-eaters) who ate grasses. They were nomadic and spent most of their time grazing.

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