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The Pantropical Spotted dolphin, Stenella attenuata, is a small, toothed whale that has a long, beaklike snout, a sickle-shaped dorsal fin, and sharp teeth. It is also known as the Spotted Dolphin, the White-Spotted Dolphin, the Brindled Dolphin, the Spotter, the Spotted Porpoise, and the Slender-beaked Dolphin. This cetacean is found worldwide in tropical seas, especially around islands.

Dolphins breathe air through a single blowhole. They grow to be at most 8 feet (2.4 m) long and weigh from 200 to 255 pounds (90-115 kg). Spotted Dolphins live in groups called pods.

Swimming: Like other whales, dolphins swim by moving their tail (the flukes) up and down. Fish swim by moving their tail left and right.

Diet: Spotted dolphins are hunters who find their prey at the surface of the water, eating mostly fish and squid. They sometimes eat crustaceans.

Echolocation: Like other toothed whales, dolphins use echolocation, a way of sensing in which they emit high-pitched clicks and sense them as they bounce back off objects (like prey).

Predators of Dolphins: Some sharks (including tiger sharks, dusky sharks, and bull sharks) and orcas will prey upon dolphins. Dolphins are also often trapped in people's fishing nets. The Spotted Dolphin is an endangered species.

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