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Enchanted Learning Copyright Permission Information

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All content on the Enchanted Learning web pages is copyrighted by Enchanted Learning Software; this copyright applies to both text and images.

Permissions We Grant:

Examples of Permissions We Do Not Grant:

Many people still write each day asking to be an exception; PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ME TO ASK TO USE EITHER MY IMAGES OR WRITING ON YOUR WEB PAGE. THE ANSWER IS NO! This applies to ALL sites, including personal sites, sites needed for your grade in a class, educational sites, and non-commercial sites.

If you want to have a web site of your own, write your own text and draw your own pictures.

This is not meant to be an exhausive list of permissions not granted; no permission is granted other than those specifically enumerated in the "Permissions We Grant" section above.

Requesting Other Permissions:

If you would like to request a permission not covered by the "Permissions We Grant" section above (for a book, newspaper article, magazine article, commercial use, or any other use not covered by "Permissions We Grant" above), please contact us at  [email protected] . Please do not ask to use our work (text and/or images) without paying for it (after all, we don't ask you to do free work for us). All requests will be considered on an individual basis; you may not copy or re-distribute any of our content unless and until you receive a specific positive response from us.

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