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Johnny Appleseed Geography Quiz
Geography Pages

1. Johnny Appleseed was born in the state of ______________. Color it yellow.

2. Johnny Appleseed had nurseries in 5 states, ______________, ______________,

______________, ______________, & ______________. Color them green.

3. Johnny Appleseed was buried in the state of ______________. Outline it in red.

4. Which of the previous states is farthest west? ______________________

5. Which of the previous states is farthest north? ______________________

6. If you went from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, which direction would you go? _______

7. If you went from Illinois to New York, which direction would you go? _______

8. About how many miles is it from eastern Massachusetts to western Illinois? ________

9. Which state is bigger, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania? _____________________

10. Mark a black X on the state in which you live.

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