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Johnny Appleseed Geography Quiz
Geography Pages

1. Johnny Appleseed was born in the state of Massachusetts. Color it yellow.

2. Johnny Appleseed had nurseries in 5 states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, & Indiana. Color them green.

3. Johnny Appleseed was buried in the state of Indiana. Outline it in red.

4. Which of the previous states is farthest west? Illinois

5. Which of the previous states is farthest north? Massachusetts

6. If you went from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, which direction would you go? SW

7. If you went from Illinois to New York, which direction would you go? NE

8. About how many miles is it from eastern Massachusetts to western Illinois? about 1,000 miles

9. Which state is bigger, Massachusetts or Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania

10. Mark a black X on the state in which you live.

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