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Enchanted Learning® Photoblog      Posted August 23, 2012   7:32 pm

Osprey Perching on a Mast
Osprey Perching on a Mast

The osprey is a large fish-eating hawk, with beautiful yellow eyes and a distinctive head stripe. Also known as the sea hawk or fish hawk, the Seattle Seahawks football team uses a stylized osprey as its logo. The osprey is also the official provincial bird of Nova Scotia.

Scientific name: Pandion haliaetus

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Date taken: August 20, 2012
Place taken: Mercer Island, WA, USA
Mitchell Spector
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Bald Eagle

First-Year Bald Eagle

Crow Harassing Young Bald Eagle

Osprey Perching on a Mast

Two Singing Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle Showing Tail Feathers

Bald Eagle, Underneath the Moon

Bald Eagle, Glistening in the Sun

Close-up of a Bald Eagle's Head

Bald Eagle Looking Left


Osprey Flying in Seattle Skies

Osprey at Lake Washington

Bald Eagle under Rainbow

Juvenile Bald Eagle Flight Montage

Bald Eagle in Tree

Bald Eagle on a November Day

Two Bald Eagles Singing