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Frog Quiz
Animal Printouts
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1. Do frogs spend live their lives in the water, on the land, or both in the water and on land? __________________________

2. Are frog eggs laid on land or in the water? __________________________

3. After a frog egg hatches, what is the animal called? __________________________

4. Does this newly-hatched animal live on land or in the water? __________________________

5. Does this newly-hatched animal have legs? __________________________

6. Does this newly-hatched animal breathe using lungs or gills? __________________________

7. As frogs mature, do they grow a tail, legs, or gills? __________________________

8. As frogs mature, do they lose their tail, legs, or eyes? __________________________

9. What organ does an adult frog use to breathe - gills, spiracles, or lungs? __________________________

10. Does an adult frog have a tail? __________________

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