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All About Gorillas - Print-out
Find it! in All About Gorillas

Use All About Gorillas to answer the following gorilla questions.

1. Do gorillas live a solitary existence or do they live in small bands?
2. Are gorillas diurnal (more active during the day) or nocturnal (more active during the night)?  
3. Are gorillas herbivores, detrivores, or carnivores?  
4. Do gorillas drink a lot of water?  
5. What is an adult male gorilla called?  
6. Are gorillas generally bold or are they shy animals?  
7. How big do gorillas get?  
8. Which are longer, the gorilla's legs or arms?  
9. Are gorillas vertebrates, mammals, primates, great apes, or all of these?  
10. Are gorillas bipeds (walk on two legs) or quadrupeds (walk on all four limbs)?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: gorillas, mammals, reading, writing, introduction to mammalian research on the internet

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