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Black-faced Blenny
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The Black-faced Blenny (Tripterygion delaisi) is a shallow-water fish that lives among rocks. This territorial fish is diurnal (most active by day). It is a carnivore that eats tiny invertebrates. This fish reproduces from April to July.

Anatomy: This fish is a triplefin blenny (family Tripterygiidae); it has a dorsal fin that is divided into three sections. The first segment of the dorsal fin is just behind the head and has three spines, the second part of the dorsal fin has 14-18 spines, and the third section has 10-14 . The caudal fin is rounded. The black-faced blenny is a long, slender fish that grows to 3 inches (8 cm) long.

The male Black-faced Blenny has a black face, a yellow body, and yellow fins rimmed in bright blue. The female is a blend of browns and grays which camouflage her in her rocky environment.

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