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Reindeer Printout
Reindeer Quiz
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Read about reindeer, then answer these questions:
1. Are reindeer amphibians, reptiles, mammals, or lichens?_____________________

2. Are reindeer solitary animals or do they live in herds?_____________________

3. Do reindeer live in the tundra, marshes, deserts, or rainforests?_____________________

4. Can reindeer swim?______________

5. Are all reindeer wild, or have some been domesticated?_____________________

6. Do reindeer shed their antlers each year?_____________________

7. Do female reindeer have antlers?_______________

8. What is another name for reindeer?_____________________

9. Are reindeer herbivores or carnivores?_____________________

10. What is the name of the hard type of toes that reindeer have?_____________________

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