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Arabian Horses are a distinctive and elegant breed of riding horses that were bred by Bedouins thousands of years ago. These large, slender, fast-running mammals are popular worldwide. Arabians are intelligent, gentle horses with great stamina. They eat grasses. The life span is roughly 20-35 years.

Names: An adult female horse is called a mare, the adult male is called a stallion. A foal is a horse not yet one year old; a colt is a young male and a filly is a young female.

Anatomy: Arabian Horses weigh from 800 to 1,000 pounds and average about 59 inches (1.5 m) tall at the withers. They have large nostrils, big eyes, a small head and muzzle, an arched neck, a silky, flowing mane, a short back, and broad shoulders. They have long legs and hoofed feet. The hooves and teeth continue to grow throughout the horse's life. The large nostrils allow them to get lots of air quickly. Arabians come in many colors, but gray is often seen. These horses usually have only 23 vertebrae (backbones); other horses usually have 24.

Sleeping: Horses sleep standing up, but if they feel safe, they will sleep lying down.

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