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The mole is a burrowing mammal with substantial claws. It lives underground for most of its life. About 30 species of moles are found worldwide; they inhabit Asia, Europe, southern Africa, and North America. Moles live in a variety of habitats, including fields, woodlands, swampy land, riverbanks, and deserts. Moles have a life span of about 3 years in the wild. Some moles are very good swimmers.

Anatomy: Moles have tiny eyes and are virtually blind. They have an acute sense of touch which is aided by sensory bumps on the snout, sensory whiskers on the face, and sensory hairs on the feet and tail. Moles range in size from 2 to 9 inches (5 to 23 cm) long with a 1 to 9 (3 to 23 cm) inch long tail. Moles have shovel-shaped, five-toed, thick-clawed feet that are very efficient at burrowing. Many moles have a long, powerful tail.

Diet: The mole is classified as an insectivore (insect-eater); it eats its own weight in food each day. Moles eat insects, earthworms, mice, fish, frogs, small crustaceans, and other small animals. Moles find prey mainly by using their sense of touch.

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