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All About Smilodon - Print-out
Find it! in All About Smilodon

Use the Smilodon page to answer the following Smilodon questions.

1. What does Smilodon mean?
2. How big did Smilodon get?  
3. Was Smilodon the only saber-tooth cat?  
4. Was Smilodon an herbivore (plant-eater) or a carnivore (meat-eater)?  
5. Name an adaptation that smilodon had to help it get food.  
6. Could Smilodon eat thick-skinned prey?  
7. Was Smilodon at the top, middle or bottom of the food web?  
8. Are there any Smilodons alive today?  
9. Was Smilodon a reptile, an amphibian, or a mammal?  
10. Was Smilodon a biped (walked on two legs) or quadruped (walked on four legs)?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: smilodon, saber tooth cats, ice age mammals, reading, writing, introduction to mammalian research on the internet

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