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Cryptoclidus (meaning "Hidden collar-bone") was a plesiosaur, an aquatic reptile that was 13 feet (4 m) long. It had curved, interlocking teeth, a wide skull, and large, flexible, paddle-like flippers. Cryptoclidus was not a dinosaur, but another type of extinct reptile. Cryptoclidus was named by Seeley in 1892. The type species is C. eurymerus.

When Cryptoclidus Lived: Cryptoclidus lived during the late Jurassic period, roughly 165 to 150 million years ago.

Diet: Small fish, squid, and crustaceans (like shrimp) were probably the mainstay of Cryptoclidus' diet. It caught prey with its 100 or so long, pointed teeth.

Fossils: Fossils have been found in England, France, and possibly South America.

Classification: Class Reptilia (reptiles), Order Plesiosauria (plesiosaurs), Superfamily Plesiosauroidea, Family Cryptoclididae, Genus Cryptoclidus.

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