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Quiz + Label the Hurricane Diagram

1. Do hurricanes rotate in a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction?______________________________________

2. Do hurricanes form over warm or cold water?________________________________

3. Do hurricanes have high or low air pressure? _________________________________

4. To be classified as a hurricane, winds in the storm must be at least ______________________________________

5. Another name for a hurricane is a _______________________________________________.

6. Similar storms in the western Pacific ocean are called____________________________.

7. Is flooding a danger associated with hurricanes? _________________

8-10. Read the definitions in the word bank below, then label the hurricane diagram.

Hurricane diagram

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Word Bank:
Eye - The calm, center of the hurricane.
Eyewall - The wall of dense thunderclouds surrounding the eye. The strongest winds of the hurricane are in the eyewall.
Spiral Rainbands - A series of long, spiraling bands of rain clouds in a hurricane.

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