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All About Whales - Print-out
Find it! in All About Whales

Use All About Whales to answer the following general whale questions (set 2).

1. Are dolphins whales?
2. What is the name of a social group of whales?  
3. Which type of whales (toothed or baleen) are more social?  
4. Name a whale that has a long, complex song.  
5. Do any whales migrate?  
6. Name a toothed whale that starts with the letter "N."  
7. Name a baleen whale that starts with the letter "G."  
8. When did primitive whales evolve?  
9. Do mother whales nourish their young with milk?  
10. Do whales lay eggs or give birth to live young?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: whales, reading, writing, introduction to whale research on the internet

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