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Sperm Whale Anatomy: Label Me!
Sperm Whale Information
Read the definitions, then label the spem whale diagram below.

Blowhole - the hole on the top of the head through which the whale breathes air (it is the whale's nostril).

Box-like head - the sperm whale's head is shaped like a box .

Conical teeth - the sperm whale has huge, conical teeth in the lower jaw (they fit into sockets in the upper jaw).

Dark gray to black skin - the thick skin covers a thick layer of blubber (fat) .

Ear - hearing organs located behind the eyes.

Eye - sight organs located on the head.

Fluke - one half of the wide tail.

Flippers - the pair of small, wide, flat forelimbs that are used for swimming.

Median notch - the indentation between the two flukes.

Hump - the sperm whale has a small hump on its back .

sperm anatomy diagram to label

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