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USA (Contiguous) Latitude and Longitude Activity
US States: Map/Quizzes
US Regional Map/Quizzes
US Flag Quiz Printouts
USA Latitude and Longitude

1. Do lines of latitude run east-west or north-south? _____________________
2. Name three states that extend below latitude 30 degrees N (in the contiguous US), and label them on the map. _____________________
3. Name one US state that is mostly east of longitude 70 degrees W, and label it on the map. _____________________
4. Name three US states (shown on this map) that extend west of longitude 120 degrees W, and label them on the map. _____________________
5. Is the location 45 degrees N latitude, 82 degrees W longitude on land or under water? On the map, mark it with a red X. _____________________
6. Name the state that is located entirely between 40-45 degrees N latitude and between 90-100 degrees W longitude, and label it on the map. _____________________

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