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Arkansas flag

The official state flag of Arkansas was chosen in a design contest in 1913; the winner was Miss Willie Kavanaugh Hocker of Wabbaseka. The flag's design was finalized in 1926.

The diamond shapes in the center represent the diamond gemstone, because Arkansas is the only state in the USA where diamonds have been found. Since Arkansas was the twenty-fifth state to join the Union, there are 25 white stars around the diamond. The three blue stars in the lower part of the center represent Spain, France and the United States, the countries that have ruled Arkansas. The blue star in the upper center represents the Confederacy, of which Arkansas was a member.

Arkansas was the 25th state in the USA; it was admitted in 1836.

1. What does the diamond in this flag represent? ______________________________________

2. How many stars are on this flag? ______________________

3. What countries do the 3 blue stars in the lower part of the center represent? _____________________________, _____________________________, and _____________________________

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