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Delaware flag

The official state flag of Delaware was adopted on July 4, 1913. The flag has a blue field that features a yellow diamond with the state's seal. On the seal, a soldier (with a rifle) and a farmer (with a hoe) look at each other across scrollwork that encloses an ox, a sheaf of wheat, and an ear of corn. Under this is a white ribbon reading, "LIBERTY AND INDEPENDENCE." Above is a sailing ship (representing commerce). Below the seal is the date December 7, 1787, the date that Delaware ratified the United States Constitution (it was the first colony to do so).

Delaware was the 1st state in the Union; it became a state in 1787.

1. When was this flag adopted? ____________________________________________

2. What animal is depicted in this flag? _______________

3. When did Delaware ratify the US Constitution? _____________

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