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Oklahoma Facts. Map and Symbols
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Oklahoma flag

The official state flag of Oklahoma was adopted on April 2, 1925. The flag was chosen from entries in a Daughters of the American Revolution flag contest. The winning entry was designed by Mrs. Louise Funk Fluke, an artist from Oklahoma City.

The flag features a sky blue field (this is the color of the flag that Choctaw soldiers carried during the Civil War). Oklahoma's flag pictures a Osage Indian battle shield made of buffalo skin. It is adorned with eagle feathers and white crosses (the crosses represent the stars in the sky, and symbolize higher purposes in Native American culture). A gray peace pipe (also called a calumet) and an olive branch (symbols of peace in European and Native American cultures) are on the shield. "OKLAHOMA" is written in white under the shield (this was added to the flag in 1941).

Oklahoma was the 46th state in the USA; it became a state in 1907.

1. What does the olive branch symbolize? ___________________________

2. What does the calumet symbolize? ____________________________

3. When did Oklahoma become a state? __________________

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