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Oregon flag

Oregon's official state flag was adopted in 1925. It is the only US state flag that still has a design on both sides. Both sides of the flag have a deep blue background and yellow designs. The reverse of the flag pictures a beaver (Oregon's state animal).

The front of thg flag features the words "STATE OF OREGON" and the year "1859," the year Oregon became a state. Between these is a heart-shaped seal that pictures a landscape with mountains, trees, elk, a covered wagon, and a British warship leaving and an American steamship arriving. The ships symbolize the transfer of the Oregon Territory from the British to the US in 1846, when President James K. Polk signed a treaty with England giving this territory to the United States. The covered wagon represents the early Oregon pioneers who traveled on the Oregon Trail to settle in Oregon.

Oregon was the 33rd state in the USA; it became a state in 1859.

1. On this flag, what does the year 1859 represent? ___________________________________________________________

2. What is Oregon's state animal? __________________________________________________

3. Is Oregon the only state that currently has a flag with designs on the front and back? __________________________

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