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Find Your State in the USA
Label Me! Printout

Follow the directions below, then label the map.
USA Label Me! Printouts
USA find your state and label
  1. Label N (north), S (south), E (east), and W (west) on the compass rose near the bottom right of the map.
  2. Label Canada (the country north of the USA) and Mexico (the country south of the USA).
  3. Label the Atlantic Ocean (east of the USA), the Pacific Ocean (west of the USA), the Gulf of Mexico (bordering the southeastern USA and eastern Mexico) and the Great Lakes (in the northeast section of the USA).
  4. Find the state you live in and label it (write out its name).
  5. Optional: Color the bodies of water light blue, color your state red, color the rest of the USA orange, color Canada yellow, and color Mexico green.

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