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Great Lakes Area

1. The Great Lakes were formed as glaciers scraped the Earth during the last Ice Age. An easy way to remember the names of the Great Lakes is to remember that the first letter of each lake makes the word "HOMES." What are the names of the 5 Great Lakes? ________________________________, ________________________________, ________________________________, ________________________________, and ________________________________

2. Which of the Great Lakes is farthest north and farthest west? ____________________________

3. Which of the Great Lakes is farthest east? ___________________________

4. Which of the Great Lakes is farthest south? ___________________________

5. Which of the Great Lakes separates most of the state of Michigan? This lake is the only one of the Great Lakes totally within the USA. _______________________________________

6. Which of the Great Lakes is bordered only by the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of Michigan? ___________________________

7. Lake Superior is the biggest of the Great Lakes in both surface area and water volume. One Canadian province and 3 US states border Lake Superior. Name them. _________________________, _________________________, _________________________, and _________________________

8. The Great Lakes are connected to each other by a series of lakes and rivers. What is the name of the small lake located between Lake Huron and Lake Erie? _________________________

9. Niagara Falls is a huge waterfall that is formed as water from Lake Erie flows to the Lake Ontario (which is lower in elevation). What is the name of the city in New York near this waterfall? ____________________________

10. What is the name of the large Canadian city that is on the shores of Lake Ontario? _______________________________

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