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Montana Facts, Map and Symbols
Montana Map/Quiz Printout
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1. What is the capital of Montana? ____________________________

2. What country borders Montana on the north? ___________________________

3. What two states border Montana on the east? _________________________ and _________________________

4. What two states border Montana on the south? _________________________ and _________________________

5. What state borders Montana on the west? _______________________

6. What Montana river runs through Miles City? ___________________________

7. Montana is the only state in the USA that has a triple divide, where water can flow into the Pacific, the Atlantic, or Hudson Bay. This divide is located at Triple Divide Peak, located in a National Park in northwestern Montana. What is the name of this Park? _____________________________

8. What is the name of the large lake in northwestern Montana? _____________________________

9. In 1876, Crazy Horse led Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in the defeat of Lt. Col. George A. Custer and his cavalry troops at Little Bighorn, in Montana's Bighorn Mountains. This area is also rich in dinosaur fossils. Which Montana city is roughly north of this area? _____________________________

10. The tallest mountain in Montana is 12,799 feet tall, and is in the Absaroka Range. What is its name? ______________________

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