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New Jersey Facts, Map and Symbols
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New Jersey

1. What is the capital of New Jersey? ____________________________

2. Which state borders New Jersey on the northeast? ___________________________

3. What two states border New Jersey on the west? _______________________ and _________________________

4. What ocean borders New Jersey on the southeast? ______________________________

5. What is the name of the bay on the southwestern shore of New Jersey? _____________________________

6. On Christmas night in 1776, George Washington crossed a river near Trenton and defeated soldiers fighting for the British. This river forms the western border of New Jersey. What is the name of this river? _________________________

7. What is the name of the resort city on the southeast shore of New Jersey? ___________________________________

8. Some of the first dinosaur fossils in the USA were found in Haddonfield, New Jersey. Which large New Jersey city is close to Haddonfield? _______________________________

9. In which part of the USA is New Jersey located: northeast, southeast, northwest, or southwest? ___________________________

10. What is New Jersey's nickname? __________________________________

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