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Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 4th - 5th Northeastern States Map/Quiz Printout US States: Map/Quizzes
US Regional Map/Quizzes
US Flag Quiz Printouts

Northeastern States 1. What country borders the Northeastern states to the north? _____________________________________

2. What large body of water borders this region on the east? _______________________________

3. Which of these states extends farthest north and east? _______________________________

4. Which of these states extends the farthest southwest? _______________________________

5. What is the smallest state in the Northeast (and the smallest state in the entire USA)? _______________________________

6. Which two Northeastern states do not border the Atlantic Ocean? _______________________________ and _______________________________

7. Which of the Great Lakes border the Northeastern states? _______________________________ and _______________________________

8. Which of the Northeastern states has the longest cape extending into the ocean (and what is the name of this cape)? (This is the cape where the Mayflower first landed) ___________________________________, ______________________________

9. Which Northeastern state is located between Vermont and Maine? _______________________________

10. Which Northeastern state is located north of Pennsylvania and west of Massachusetts? ______________________________

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