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Mali's Flag
Mali's Flag Quiz/Printout
Mali's Flag

Mali is a country in western Africa. Mali's flag is a green, yellow and red tricolor with vertical stripes (the green stripe is by the flagpole). These are the pan-African colors. The Malian flag has a ratio of 2:3. Mali's flag was adopted on March 1, 1961.

The original flag of Mali (1959) was similar to today's flag, but pictured a black person (a kanaga symbol) in the central yellow stripe. In 1961, soon after independence from France and after Senegal left the Mali federation, this flag was banished because of religious objections (in the Muslim religion, images of beings are not allowed).

1. What colors are in the flag of Mali? ___________________________________________

2. Is this flag a tricolor, a saltire, or a quartered flag? ______________________

3. When was this flag adopted? ______________________

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